Odin Ruby Silver Cuff

Inspired by the rough and rugged designs of ancient Viking culture, with a modernist touch, this luxury cuff piece from Pom&Graniit conjures a feeling of triumph and prestige. 
This Sterling Silver Cuff features a row of Ruby CZ Gemstones [see below] cascading along the sides, this vintage finished cuff serves a fashion statement for everyday.

With a chain-linked clasp that blurs the line of what it means to be a cuff, this unisex piece is sure to be an attention-grabber that complements you whether you're in a suit, leather jacket and distressed jeans, or in an elegant cocktail dress.

Metal: Sterling Silver .925                                                                                          Gemstone: Ruby CZ   (Ruby Gemstone available on request, price will differ)
Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

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