Our Name

Throughout eons, the symbolism of the pomegranate is as abundant amongst many different cultures as the kernels it contains.

 From prosperity and happiness to healing, this fruit has become a staple of intrigue to mankind. We chose the name for this very purpose.  We not only come from a culture from which the pomegranate is celebrated, but our brand is also meant to represent the abundance of cultural thought that comes in crafting each and every single diverse piece of jewelry, meant to elegantly represent the inner passion and feeling of the wearer. Stylized as Pom&Graniit, the name represents the duality of brother and sister, connected as one, to bring rich beauty to the wearer



Our Brand

Timelessness, diversity, and abundance. These are the three key ingredients that go into every Pom & Graniit piece, all carefully forged and handcrafted with the wearer in mind. Each piece is a masterpiece worthy of belonging to the wearer.

Pom & Graniit is a family owned and operated company which has been designing and manufacturing jewelry for three decades. The most recent line is the brainchild of the newest generation of the family, a brother and sister passionate about taking the brand into the future. Each handcrafted artisanal piece created at Pom & Graniit is thoughtfully curated to relate to all walks of life.

With each staple piece, one can find a connection and build a story. From high fashion to everyday wear, our selection of high-quality jewelry is a great fit for our diverse marketplace. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles in the Historic Jewelry District, our design team has been handcrafting and manufacturing fashion jewelry for over 30 years.

Designed and Handmade With Love In House In LA

Our vision is for people from all over the world, all ages and all backgrounds to be able to express themselves freely through timeless jewelry pieces they connect with. The versatile and exquisite designs at Pom & Graniit are rooted in our family of artisanal jewelers dating back generations.

We are proud to be able to keep up the historic tradition of making fine jewelry in Los Angeles. What makes it even more special is watching every piece go to a loving home with the Made in the USA mark proudly represented. Handcrafted in the city of Angels for our fans who live all over the country, it is our pleasure to adorn you in your hand-picked Pom & Graniit pieces.

For some, it’s just a beautiful necklace or bracelet and for others is a gift, a memory a feeling that they will cherish every time they put it on.